Impressive image of Belgian achievements in Central Africa.  Robert Bodson


Testimony of General Claude Paelinck.  His father was Jean Paelinck, vice governor in Katanga.  General Paelinck was engaged in the Force Publique during the independence period in 1960.  Testimony recorded in 2006.


Testimony of Willy and Claire Alenus-Strauven, interviewed by Asst. Prof.  Rulan Wood.  They describe their life in Congo from 1956 to 1960 in Mutshatsha, Katanga.  Testimony recorded in 2006.

Testimony of André De Maere d’Aertrycke, Honorary Territorial Administrator.  Experience in rural areas. 1952-1960.


André Schorochoff

André Schorochoff describes the life of his father Pierre who emigrated from Russia in 1923, graduated from Saint Luc in Brussels and began his career as a land surveyor in the Belgian Congo, at the age of 21.  He shares with us the memories of a teen years old boy arriving in 1947 in Isangi, a small village on the Congo river.  In the latter part he exposes his opinions about the Belgian colonization policies and realizations.  Testimony recorded in 2006.